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FOR THE DIARY: Corrugated Lines: A Festival of Words

10 – 12 August 2018


Next Event: Launch of Beyond the Lattice: Broome’s early years

Friday 20 April 5pm at Kimberley Bookshop



Backroom Press management committee members are sad to announce the death of their youngest founding member, Susan Sickert, in January.

Susan was loved by many, with her boundless enthusiasm and sense of fun.  She was also a highly capable person, who acquired many different skills. Leather worker, shoe maker, cameleer and station hand, Susan also loved books, and worked behind the counter in the Kimberley Bookshop for a number of years.

Susan’s first book, Beyond the Lattice, (2003, Fremantle Arts Centre Press) was a masterly historical account of the formation of multicultural Broome.  Although it was out of print for a number of years, its often poignant stories remain as relevant as ever, and Backroom Press published a new edition in 2017.

Backroom Press itself was launched in 2006, with Susan’s second book, When Harry Went to India.  Susan contributed energetically to the work of the Press until she was overtaken by declining health.  Though still young, she spent the last few years of her life in full-time care.


Backroom Press

One of Australia’s smallest publishing houses

Backroom Press is located in Broome, a small Kimberley town in the north of Western Australia, and was set up to publish entertaining and educational books from the region.

Backroom Press was founded by three friends in 2006, and incorporated three years later as a Not-for-Profit Association.

We work to foster understanding between different cultural groups, support community educational projects and participate in public events such as festivals and workshops.

We aim to delight, entertain and enlighten through the publication of books that resonate with authentic Kimberley voices telling Kimberley stories.

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