Beyond the Lattice

Beyond the Lattice: Broome’s early years

by Susan Sickert

2nd edition

In Beyond the Lattice Susan Sickert seeks answers to questions about the little-known history of Broome. She steps off the verandah, away from the pearlers’ world of privilege, privacy and power. She looks instead for the heart of the town through the lives of the thousands of Asian, Aboriginal and mixed-race men and women who lived here.

Beyond the Lattice: Broome’s Early Years provides rare insights into the people, politics, colour and atmosphere that have created this fascinating town.

Available 1 November 2017

Price $29.95

ISBN: 978-0-9775615-9-9

The first edition of Beyond the Lattice was published by Fremantle Arts Centre Press in 2003 and filled a gap in the history of Broome as it was then being told.  It sold well but eventually went out of print, to the regret of many.  The book is still much sought after by people interested in the multicultural history of Broome.

The author, Susan Sickert, was a founding member of Backroom Press and wrote one of the first two books we published in 2006.  Susan is no longer able to take part in our work, but it seemed fitting for the publishing house she helped found to produce a new edition of what has become something of a classic.  Fremantle Press relinquished its rights to the book and we at Backroom Press are happy to make Susan’s work available once more.

We have done our best to remain faithful to Susan’s original text; however, we have made a number of updates and corrections.  We have also been through a laborious process of tracing the photographs that were such an important part of the first book, and have been able to find all but a very few.

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Price $29.95

ISBN: 978-0-9775615-9-9