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Backroom Press

Welcome to our online bookshop. Our titles are for sale here and at selected retailers. Payment may be made by credit card via Paypal. Discounts are available for booksellers and libraries by prior arrangement through Please allow time for orders to be delivered as all books are packaged in Broome and sent by post.

Ruby front coverSAFE Ruby

by Julie Starkey, Drawings by Hannah Starkey-Morris
$14.95 plus postage

#Our Friends the Termites

by Pat Lowe
$26.95 plus postage


book-fire_front-LThe Art of Fire

by Jimmy Pike
$16.95 plus postage


Jimmy and Pat Go to China

by Pat Lowe, Drawings by Jimmy Pike
$16.95 plus postage

book-queen_front-SJimmy and Pat Meet the Queen

by Pat Lowe, Drawings by Jimmy Pike
$16.95 plus postage

Backroom Press books can also be purchased at the following Broome outlets: Rainsong at the markets, Pandanus Gift Shop Nakamura’s at the airport, Red Sun Camel Shop, Broome Lottery Centre in the Boulevard, Chinatown Newsagency in Paspaley Plaza, Streeter’s in Chinatown.