Meet Susan

Susan Sickert

Susie Sickert - Backroom Press small publishing house,Susan Sickert was born in the mid 1950s in Port Augusta, South Australia, and this is where her love of open spaces was nurtured.

She has lived in a number of places in Australia and has tried her hand at various occupations including school teacher, youth worker, shoemaker, performer, cameleer, bookseller and author.

She came to Broome in the mid 1980s, met Abdul Casley and got hooked on camels. Susan has made Broome her home apart from the few years when she lived out bush on Udialla Springs Station in the West Kimberley. There, she and Cas made camel treks into the country along the Fitzroy River and beyond. It was on one of these trips that Susan met Harry and some time later a plan was hatched by the three friends to travel to India together.

Susan worked with Cas and his camels for many years before moving into a life of books and writing. She sometimes accompanied Harry and his camels on treks into his country along the Fitzroy River.

In recent years, Susan has suffered poor health, but her books are still sought after. Beyond the Lattice (Fremantle Arts Press, 2003), which tells the inside story of race relations in Broome in the town’s early days, has become an important reference for those interested in local history.


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