Events 2013/14

Backroom Press Events 2013

2013: The Art of Fire Animated DVDs

An animated rendering of ‘The Art of Fire’ by Jimmy Pike was produced by Red Dirt Consultants for Backroom Press. DVDs of the film were issued to the Martu Indigenous Rangers for use as a training tool. The Rangers work in the Great Sandy Desert, and assisted in the production of the DVD, translating the English language voice-over into Manyilyjarra. The project was funded by the Rangelands Natural Resource Management Coordinating Group.

Event anim of Art of Fire


This year’s workshop was titled ‘Better Writing Guaranteed’.  A two-hour writing workshop in which participants learn how to improve their writing by applying five simple rules.  They learn that, while all words are equal, some are more equal than others, and how to tell the difference.  It was presented by Pat Lowe and Alex Smee during Corrugated Lines.

2012 better writing


best first lines 2013

The Best First Lines competition for Corrugated Lines invited people to write an original first line of a book, with prizes awarded for the Judge’s and People’s Choice.