Mrs Millar’s Frogs

Mrs Millar’s Frogs

Annette Millar and Kerry Anne Jordinson

“Frogs! I love frogs, frogs in Broome.      They live in my house in every room.”

So begins the story of Mrs Millar and her much-loved frogs.

Follow the adventures of these little characters as they hop and hide in Mrs Millar’s house.

This is a new edition of an old favourite, which has never lost its appeal for young readers. 


Annette Millar                                                      Kerry Anne Jordinson

Available January 2019

Price $17.95

ISBN 978-0-6481364-1-5

This is a true story about the frogs who lived in Mrs Millar’s Broome home.  Kerry Anne was using frogs as subjects in her art and when  the pair found they had a common interest, they worked together to produce this book.

Twenty years later this new edition will engage and delight another generation of children.