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Creative Nonfiction: An essay by Kim Mahood. (PDF 72 kb)

Classroom Resources

When Harry Went to India Teacher Notes Year 8 (PDF 357 kb)

Backroom Bytes Previous Editions

Backroom Bytes January 2015 (PDF 234 kb)

Backroom Bytes September 2014 (PDF 597 kb)

E-bulletin-No-11-Apr-2014 (PDF 1.2 mb)

E-bulletin-No-10-sept-2013 (PDF 1.2 mb)

E-bulletin-No-9-May-2013 (PDF 477 kb)

E-bulletin-No-8-Aug-2012 (PDF 259 kb)

E-bulletin-No-7-May-2012 (PDF 2.6 mb)

E-bulletin-No-6-Dec-2011 (PDF 744 kb)

E-bulletin-No-5-Sept-2011 (PDF 435 kb)

E-bulletin-No-4-Feb-2011 (PDF 270 kb)

E-bulletin-No-3-Aug-2010 (PDF 61 kb)

E-bulletin-No-2-Apr-2010 (PDF 57 kb)

E-bulletin-No-1-Dec-2009 (PDF 52 kb)