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More praise for The Art of Fire!

Award-winning journalist and author, Victoria Laurie (The Kimberley: Australia’s Last Great Wilderness; The Southwest: Australia’s Biodiversity Hotspot) has written a lovely review for this special book:

A gem of a little book, exquisitely illustrated and achingly relevant to a world still lacking deep understanding of nature and its forces. Jimmy Pike understood fire because he observed it closely, lived its consequences, harnessed its bounty. He had a rich Walmajarri vocabulary to describe its different forms and effects. Words like Lirramunu: a big hunting fire, lit by two people or Nyirirr: island of unburnt grass and trees missed by the fire. Or Kungkala, meaning bush matches, and Minjurn: animals found dead or injured after a fire. The vocabulary around fire in non-Indigenous Australia seems pale, even dangerously inadequate, by contrast.
Jimmy Pike: The Art of Fire is a sharp reminder that other knowledge must be heeded and turned into care for Country. And there’s sheer pleasure in viewing Pike’s cheeky image of husband and wife snuggled round a camp fire, or reading that if a fire is burning at night, owls will be keenly watching animals fleeing the flames into the ‘safety’ of the dark.
Award-winning journalist and author, The Kimberley: Australia’s Last Great Wilderness, and The Southwest: Australia’s Biodiversity Hotspot. (UWAP)

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