Events 2019

Backroom Press Events 2019

Mrs Millar’s Frogs makes a comeback.






Kerry Anne Jordinson and Annette Millar returned to Broome for the launch of the second edition of their book, Mrs Millar’s Frogs.

Annette Millar worked as a primary school teacher in the Kimberley for more than 30 years. The green tree frogs that inhabited her home in Broome inspired the book. Kerry Anne Jordinson is a professional artist. She and Annette met at the Broome Courthouse Markets where they discovered their mutual love of the frogs. They combined their talents to produce the best selling book Mrs Millar’s Frogs, which they published in 1998.





The Broome Public Library played host to the launch.

Annette and Kerry Anne were available all day and participated in the workshops run by the Library staff for students from some Broome Primary Schools. Activities included creative writing and drawing on the theme of frogs.

Backroom Press was approached by the pair to publish a new edition of their book which we were pleased to do. The launch the new edition took place in the Broome Public Library in April 2019.


Children submitted imaginative and quirky entries in our drawing and writing competition and prized were awarded.

Beyond the Lattice rediscovered in Chinatown

Backroom Press was pleased to have a second opportunity to present Beyond the Lattice by Susan Sickert to Broome readers. The Chinatown Discovery Festival was held on May 24 – 26. Our slide presentation of historical photos from the book was held at the Son Ming restaurant in the heart of Chinatown. The audience numbered 40 and included many Broome locals. All enjoyed a delicious Chinese morning tea while listening to commentary and readings by the Backroom Press team.