Corrugated Lines 2021

As Buddha said, everything changes. Corrugated Lines fans may be sorry to hear that we have had several interstate cancellations because of Covid, and a couple of others from WA that we can only blame on fate.  But do not despair! We have no shortage of talent, and most of the gaps have been filled by other writers. Be sure to check the updated program summary below.  Note: most events are free for you to just turn up, however some require registrations.

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Corrugated Onlines
In the weeks leading up to Corrugated Lines: A Festival of Words we published chapters in a serial novella entitled, Theft of a Pearl.

Nine authors – each of whom have a connection with the Kimberley – were invited to write one chapter each. The winners of the competition to write Chapter 10 were announced at the festival opening. First prize was awarded to: Fiona Cahill for A Little Treasure.

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Event hosted by Thomas Saunders with Backroom Press Inc.


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The Corrugated Lines story

Corrugated Lines: a festival of words was conceived by Backroom Press Inc in 2012 as part of the National Year of Reading. We joined Magabala Books and others in the community interested in storytelling and the written word, and a festival was born. An amazing weekend became the first chapter in the evolving Corrugated Lines story. Through Corrugated Lines, we celebrate the wealth of talent the Kimberley region has in published writers, illustrators and Kimberley stories. We provide an inspirational event for local lovers of words and hope to attract visitors and authors to Broome and the wider region to enjoy Kimberley stories and share a few tales of their own. There is a stream to support the development of writers and illustrators in the Kimberley: perhaps some of them will publish with Backroom Press in the future. New chapters in the Corrugated Lines: a festival of words story are written each year in early August. Details can be found on the dedicated Corrugated Lines facebook page. Become a friend and stay up to date with all things ‘wordy’ in the Kimberley. If you would like to be part of writing the next chapter in the Corrugated Lines story, either as a visiting author or an event organiser, then please email us at  or go to