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2006 Launch of Backroom Press and our First Two Titles

Backroom Press was established in September 2006. We quickly released our first two titles, When Harry Went to India and Jimmy and Pat Go to China. The joint launch of these books also served to launch Backroom Press as a new publishing house. The event was hosted by the Kimberley Bookshop in Broome.

Broome Advertiser, August 31, 2006

Broome Advertiser, August 31, 2006

 ‘India’ and ‘China’, as these titles became known, were the first in the ‘Kimberley Travellers Series’ at a time when travelling overseas from the Kimberley was still relatively rare. We are hopeful that other ‘travellers’ will soon join these two, as it would be terrific to add more titles to the series.

Launch of When Harry went to India and Jimmy and Pat Go to China


Harry Watson, Susan Sickert and Pat Lowe signing books.


Book Launch at the Kimberley Bookshop: 2007

Book Launch at the Kimberley Bookshop: 2007 : When Harry Went to India

Broome Advertiser | Happenings | 25 August 2006

Broome Advertiser | Happenings | 25 August 2006

A review of ‘When Harry Went to India’ by Susan Sickert and Harry Watson and ‘Jimmy and Pat Go to China’ by Pat Lowe and Jimmy Pike

reviewThese two little books are the products of a publishing house whose slogan is ‘From the Kimberley to the World’ and, appropriately, chronicle the journeys of two Aboriginal me.
As introductions to the sights, people, buildings and cultures of India and China, they each have a unique take. Harry observes of the people on the streets in India: ‘I often saw people carry cardboard and newspaper around [to cover themselves at night] like my people carry their swags.’ He is shocked by the sight of a dead body floating down the Ganges, but finds much to remind him of the old ways of his people.  He concludes: ‘I thought my mob had a hard time, but it was nothing compared to the poor people in India.’ Vivid photographs accompany the story.

Jimmy Pike was a well-known artist (he died in 2002); the story of his visit to China in 1996 with his wife Pat Lowe and Chinese friend Zhou is illustrated with his lovely paintings and drawings as well as photographs.  Jimmy, from the desert, is disconcerted by the Yellow Mountains, and subsequently pays to be carried up and down Buddha Mountain on a sedan chair.  ‘Big shame!’ says Pat.

Both books are delightful: charming, funny and informative.  If you can’t find them in the shops, they can be bought through the publisher’s website.

‘When Harry Went to India’4 stars
Backroom Press $16.95

‘Jimmy and Pat Go to China’4 stars
Backroom Press $16.95

Reviewed by Alison Pressley
Age guide 8+

This review was published in goodreading: the magazine for book lovers  February 2007